Street style and all you need to know about it

Nowadays, we often come across the notion of street style, which has become immensely popularly during recent years. Increasingly more designers devote their collections to street fashion for both men and women. Imposing television and social media, mass marketing, and retail chains have made the appeal of alternative lifestyle and fashion stronger than ever before. People are looking for authenticity: combination of elegance, comfort, and sport, which a new street style trend actually provides. So, do you want to learn more about street style? In this blog, we will dive into the evolution of street style and tell you everything you need to know about it to make your decision whether you should embrace the trend.

What is street style?

Although there is a lot of debate around street style, not many people know what it actually is. By definition, street style is a mixture of fashion styles, originating from the British fashion tradition. This style relies on a comprehensive approach not focusing on current trends and juxtaposes itself to the mainstream fashion. Street style addresses the key purpose of fashion: to help people stand out from the crowd and express their individuality with the use of clothes and accessories. It assists its followers with demonstrating their multiple identities by intersecting mainstream and subcultural trends. Some view street style also as a kind of viral and instant performance because it always presupposes a kind of show matching your mood.

The origin of street style

Street style is believed to be a phenomenon of the middles of 20th century despite the fact that it existed before. The reason for this is that it made a considerable impact on fashion only after World War II, when people could finally afford to purchase high fashion products such as those of Christian Dior.

During that period, street style look was generally dominated by a single high-fashion brand. In women fashion, the preference was give to silhouettes emphasizing the figure (long circle skirts, tailored jackets, tapered waist, broad shoulders, etc.). This made a great contrast to the “shapeless” look of the wartime period.

In England of the post-war time, the importance of young people’s street style was growing rapidly. Future baby boomers came to create a new social category of teenagers who had money to spend on fashion and bold looks.

The evolution of street style

In all periods of its development, street style found inspiration in different movements and ideas. Street style of the 20 th century was characterized by a tight link with the desire for authenticity and expression of meaningful intentions with the help of fashion industry. Though, one should bear in mind that its development in the middle of the century differed considerably from that of more recent years, mainly in the general perception of fashion.

Initially, street style was a social practice that was a part of mass fashion industry and mass culture. In other words, people were trying to introduce changes to a commonly accepted style. In later years, free-spirited nature started to prevail and a lot of totally new styles (such as hippies, goths, bikers, etc.) emerged. In the latest state of its development, street style became a mixture of different styles, characterized by boldness, vivid colors, and eye-catching designs.

Street style popularity

Street style owes its popularity to social media, hip hop, skateboarding, and many other popular things that became so because of their challenging and bold nature. Street style can boast of its versatility: it ranges from casual T-shirts and sneakers to exremely baggy clothes, crazy colors, designs, and prints that are not typically worn in public. The only rule is to look energetic and positive and bringing fashion into life with your look. With Instagram, images of people walking in the street and wearing peculiar clothes created great attraction to street style among young people. There appeared a lot of street style photographers who made “weird” outfits look like a piece of art at the urban background, showing street style in the amazing light.

Street style in your life

As you can see, street style has almost no rules and can be embraced by anyone. It allows the craziest combinations, in which the only limit is your fantasy. So, be yourself and open your heart to street style!

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